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  • A man loses his sense of direction after four drinks; a woman loses hers after four kisses.
    - H.L. Mencken

  • A woman's love is a man's privilege, not his right.
    - Unknown

  • Ever since Eve gave Adam the apple, there has been a misunderstanding between the sexes about gifts.
    - Nan Robertson

  • God gave the Man a Woman Because That was so the Woman Could keep the Man Running Smoothly.
    - Karen S.Magee

  • Guys are lucky because they get to grow mustaches. I wish I could. It's like having a little pet for your face.
    - Anita Wise

  • I don't need a man to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we'll ever have is the one with ourselves.
    - Shirley Maclaine

  • Behind every successful man there is a surprised woman.
    - Maryon Pearson

  • Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.
    - Barbara Bush, former US First Lady

  • As long as you know that most men are like children, you know everything.
    - Coco Chanel

  • I refuse to consign the whole male sex to the nursery. I insist on believing that some men are my equals.
    - Brigid Brophy

  • Probably the only place a man can really feel secure is a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release.
    - Germaine Greer

  • I like men to behave like men--strong and childish.
    - Francoise Sagan

  • One cannot always be laughing at a man without now and then stumbling on something witty.
    - Jane Austen

  • If you talk about yourself, he'll think you're boring. If you talk about others, he'll think you're a gossip. If you talk about him, he'll think you're a brilliant conversationalist.
    - Linda Sunshine

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